All Hippy-Dippy and Stuff


cella blog ready

My hippie girl turned 15 last week and like most teenage girls, she wanted clothes.  Only what she wanted was a little different than what most ask for at that age.  She wanted hippie clothes.  I’ve got to say, that girl has my style.  Recently, I ran into a vintage Simplicity pattern that I remember wanting at her age and did something stupid. I used a commercial sewing pattern and didn’t even edit out the facings.  Yikes!  I was cussing through the entire project.  It’s lucky O didn’t pick up any new words.

cella top pattern_phixr

I have yet to get a review from the girl, but if it’s good I will make this again (with editing of course).  Instead of sewing it the Simplicity way, I will sew it the me way and make proper yokes so that the facings can be eliminated. To make up for the ugly factor of facings, I was careful to make the hem extra nice.

cella blog ready hem

Per usual, the cotton fabric was post consumer, but this time it was extra special.  I found this piece a few months ago at the local thrift and it was a piece of flour sacking.  When you look closely the printing is still visible in a few places.  I tried to cut around it the best I could, but couldn’t completely avoid it.  Luckily, my hippie girl digs things like that and was ecstatic when I explained the fabric to her.

cella top fabric_phixr

I had intended to use post consumer lace on the yoke, but just about had a fit trying to find it in my stash.  Then my husband reminded me that I had used it this past summer on my I Don’t Give a Damn maternity top.

Before I started this project I had grand plans to seriously edit and create this dress for myself, but now I am just over commercial patterns again.  Maybe, I will revisit this idea in a few months when I start my fall/winter sewing and can justify creating a fully lined version.

me pattern_phixr


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