Fifty Cent Fashion


omina pants 1 Ever since “O” was born, I have be obsessed with little harem pants.  They seem to be the ideal in cute, comfy, baby gear. The first pair I made were delicious!  What’s not to love about hot pink crinkle cotton, snagged at the thrift, and a wide swaggy crotch line that encompasses a cloth diaper with ease?  According to my husband, a lot.  He hated those pants.  So much so, that I don’t even have a photo of her wearing them.  My second take was scaled back a long way to just a pair of rather wide legged pants with a slightly drop crotch (My Little Gypsy). omina pants 2 The saying goes that the third time is a charm.  Yesterday, I went for it again and made a more full legged version that is the embodiment of perfection.  They have all the comfort and ease of a harem pant to please me, no swaggy crotch to irritate the daddy, and lots of movement for an acrobatic little lady.  Additionally, they fit well over a pair of tights to keep little legs nice and toasty warm. omina pants 3 For this creation, I used a 1/2 yard of poly/rayon blend I picked up at my favorite thrift store of $.50.  Instead of actually drafting a pattern I just used a ruler and chalked out two rather large rectangles directly on the fabric, marked the crotch level, and cut those babies out.  Very straight forward.  They have only two seams and three casing, so even without a serger they took less than an hour to stitch up. Obviously, “O” loves to help me do the laundry and it proved to be an excellent diversion for photographing.  It was so much easier to get a few decent shots when she had something more interesting to do than try to investigate the camera.


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