Deck the Halls


…with handmade stockings.stocking1 stocking2 stocking3stocking4

Fa La La La La La La!


Can We Call This “Festive”?


I started this post months ago (and forgot it in my “drafts” file), it was originally entitled “Christmas in July.  Since writing a blog post takes forever with O running around like a madwoman, I decided to keep my original post, but add this little disclaimer. 


This is what happens when my husband calls from work and says he needs an ugly Christmas sweater for the store competition the following day.  A poor unsuspecting cotton sweater that has been in his closet for years becomes my next victim.


Bill Watterson’s epic cartoon Calvin and Hobbes.

My inspiration was the hysterically, morbid snowmen created by Calvin of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.  I was originally creating zombie snowmen when hubby came home and started tossing his ideas into the mix.  The results was a hideous, Snowman Assassin Sweater that although it got a lot of laughs was disqualified from the competition for being a bit off theme.


The entire creation was made with odds and ends from other projects and cost me absolutely nothing. Due to the previous wear of the sweater, it was off grain and I was unable to get the bottom panel completely even. Although I used a ruler to run a line dissecting a row of the knitted diamond texture, the finished results are quiet haphazard.  It didn’t show up quite so bad laying on my work surface, but I like to think it adds to the “ugly factor.”

Moon Phase Peasant Blouse


Finally, the top I made for Baby. With all the help O gave me, it’s amazing I got it finished and photographed.  She is wearing the top over a long sleeved onesie and jeans.

luna shirt_phixr

This slightly blurry shot was the best one I managed to get with all of O’s assistance. Baby is a very patient little person, but with Mama setting her in a weird chair and sister constantly trying to adjust her, it had to be a very short photo shoot.

The moon phases applique (because the meaning of her name relates to the moon) and the short puffed sleeves were cut from a girls size 7, yard sale blouse. I think I spent a quarter for it a few years ago.  The cotton is very dense and has a tone on tone embroidery that my machine despised.  Hubby thinks the motor on the old girl is going.

The striped fabric on the bodice is a very light weight cotton denim that I picked up at the thrift.  I spent $1 for about a yard and a half.  I also have a dress for her in this fabric that is just waiting for the finishing touches.

Little Gypsy tunic and pants

Oddly enough, this top is made from the same pattern and size I used to make O’s Little Gypsy outfit last spring.  Part of this is due to the versatility of the design, but mostly it just speaks to the sizes of my girls.


And the upside of having a toddler who makes writing a blog post into a day long event–the opportunity for an impromptu second photo shot!  As it got quite warm this afternoon, we ditched the onesie and the sleeves on the blouse are much easier to see.