A Peasant Basic


I’ve been planning to make myself a white peasant blouse for summer and the creation of The Little Gypsy Duo got me motivated.  Since the pattern for this blouse is the exact same format as “O’s” tunic, I really couldn’t find an excuse not to draft the pattern and get moving.  For some reason, sewing for myself is so much harder than whipping something up for one of the kids or the hubby.

Easy and comfortable, just what you want during pregnancy.


For this project I actually used brand new material.  Back in February, when our tax return came in, my sweet husband took me to Billings fabric shopping.  When he told me about his plans for the trip, white cotton gauze was one of the few fabrics on my list; I specifically knew I wanted it for this project and the chances of finding it at the thrift was slim.  I purchased two yard for a total of $8.39 (it was on sale for 40% off), but I wish I had gotten even a fourth yard more since the layout was a bit tight even for my liking.


I drafted the pattern, cut, and stitched the blouse one afternoon last week and then left it sitting on the sewing table to be hemmed for several days.  For some reason, I just stalled out.  Now that I took a few minutes and finished it, I can’t even remember why I was dragging my feet.  Maybe we can just blame it on the pregnancy hormones.



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