From Castoffs to Cutoffs


One pair of old jeans + One yard vintage cotton= Inspiration

I really thought about tossing this pair of jeans in the trash.  It’s really not like me, but they were in embarrassing condition.  The red jersey at the cuff had small holes in the seam line, leg had a small series of bleach splashes, the waistband was so stretched out that “O” continually crawled right out of them.  They sat on the kitchen island for a day or two while I mulled it over and the cooling down period did us both good.  I paired them with a piece of vintage thrifted cotton and turned them into one of the cutest pairs of cutoffs I’ve ever seen.  Yes, I do say so myself.


Ahh, much better. Forgive the wobbly hem, “O” wanted to claim them while they were still going through the machine.



I duplicated part of the fabric motif on the back pocket for a designer touch.

A new, smaller waistband and ruffles made for a good start.  They were perfectly acceptable like that, but I just couldn’t resist another layer of cuteness.  Hello, pocket detail.


Per usual, “O” wasn’t feeling very cooperative.


Showing off her new shorts was just not part of her plan.

Since it was a nice, sunny day I thought that a nice outdoor photoshoot was in order.


She thinks she’s getting away with something by “stealing” my empty spool.

I did catch her in an unsuspecting moment later in the afternoon.


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