London Look Separates


“O” has just finished a growth spurt.  One of those that takes your nice round baby and stretches them out to a long, lean little bugger.  Now the pants she’s been wearing all winter are so big in the waist, she crawls right out of them.  Luckily it was time for a fresh wardrobe anyway.

Using a long sleeve cotton t-shirt that never fit me quite right and my favorite cotton/spandex cami that had seen more than it’s fair share of layers, I started with a jumper and two pairs of pants.  The t-shirt had the greatest black/red London themed print that I just love and it made up into some really cute baby gear. Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph it before taking the scissors to it.

London Look Jumper and Slim Fit Pants

London Look Jumper and Slim Fit Pants

The jumper was made from the body of the long sleeve t-shirt and trimmed with strips of thrifted grey jersey (we will be seeing more of that fabric soon).  I made the pattern using a tank onsie as a guide, it was much easier than trying to measure a wiggly baby.  When I laid out my pattern, I lined it up with the bottom of the t-shirt and was able to avoid hemming.  I love easy solutions!  The pants are a slimmed down version of the pajama pants I drafted last month and the fabric was sourced from a black cami.  The elastic in the waistband is the cami strap. Her undershirt is a purchased, black lace onsie I have been dying to get her into.

London Look Slim Fit Pants

Action Shot of the London Look Slim Fit Pants

This second pair of pants was crafted using the sleeves of the t-shirt and the same altered pattern I used on the black pants.  The waistband elastic is the other cami strap and, once again, I was able to lay the pattern out against the existing hem an thus cut out a step.  Her black Henley was an existing part of her wardrobe and will soon find itself facing the scissors to transition into summer.

Since “O” is not a very cooperative model (it took me all day to get images this good), please excuse my photos.  On my next project for her, I will find a creative photography solution that does not require “help” from my little ball of energy.

This is what I usually get when trying to photograph "O".

This is what I usually get when trying to photograph “O”.


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